Dr. Teddy Bear

If you have ever had to go to the Hospital or a Doctor’s office then you know they are a busy environment. As adults we understand what is going on and why it has to be kept just so, we know there is a method behind the madness. For children it is a little more difficult to comprehend, especially if the child has an illness that would require multiple visits to the Hospital & Doctor. Think back to when you were a child and how it felt to go to the doctor’s office.

There is a unique way to ease that uncomfortable feeling a bit and make it less stressful. It’s been proven that showing a child what is about to happen and letting them role play with a teddy bear has significantly eased their anxiety. The teddy bear is allowed to go where the parents may not providing comfort and something to hug. As a result the patient relaxes and feels comfortable, with a relaxed patient procedures go smoother. You see it’s not just about the physical healing for the emotional healing of a patient has a lot to do with how quickly they recover.

Here is an example of an actual patient that has been helped by one of our HuggaBears; “We wanted to share a recent story with you to help represent the tremendous benefit that your HuggaBears have on our patients and families. Sofia had to spend the day in the oncology clinic for a blood transfusion. She forgot to bring a comfort item from home (i.e. her favorite stuffed animal), as they thought it would be a quick visit. Her Child Life Specialist had a supply of HuggaBears in the clinic and upon giving the bear to Sofia her face lit up and a smile appeared. She snuggled with her bear all day. Her bear even ate pizza with her at lunch time. Thanks to Sofia’s HuggaBear, her time at the Hospital was much more enjoyable. Hospital experiences are often very challenging for children and their families. It is important that children have something fun and familiar to engage with and find comfort during these experiences.” - Amy Sheerman, Child Life Specialist III; Pat Manning, Director Child Life Comer Children’s Hospital, Chicago.

Something considered to be just a child’s toy has now become a healing HuggaBear. There are other studies on the subject to further prove that teddy bears have healing powers. You can check out “The Teddy Bears Guide to Self-Healing” written by Dr. Mira Kaplan after she suffered with her health and a teddy bear helped her. Some Hospitals even sponsor seminars enacting teddy bears as patients and children as the healthcare workers. With everything from a loose stitch to a broken heart the kids can alleviate their anxiety while performing procedures on the teddy bears.The next time you are feeling anxious, afraid or stressed just hug a teddy bear, or any plush animal. I hope it has the same healing effects on you!

The Doctor Teddy